eXtra Large Eyeglasses Frames for the man with the
Large Brain-Box
XL Black & Silver Combo
XL Black & Black Combo
XXL Gold 70s
Tart Arnel Repro XL
XL Deco Victory
XXL Gold Wire-Rim 70s
XL Tortoise Brow-Line
XL Mod Fade
XL Black Mod
XL Black & Silver G-Man
XL Black Mod
XL Black Mod
A huge selection of Large, Extra
Large, and XXL Vintage eyeglasses
frames.  Retro eyewear.
XL Black Sidewinder
XL Tortoise Sidewinder
Mod Gray-Fade
XL Gold Aviator 70s
Large Black or Tortoise
Lo-Rise Black Combo
XL Black
Pathway Challenger 50s
Tortoise XL Victory
Gray XL, XXL
Arnel Repro Honey/Tortoise
Large Gray-Fade
Fade Sidewinder
G-Man, 3 Sizes, XL
XL Gold
Pathway Challenger 50s
2-Tone Producer XL
Large Black 50s-60s
Black XL Victory
Combo Victory XL
XXL Black
Black Oversized
Mod Tortoise XL
XL Mod 70s
Mod Black XL
Large Round Gold
Kala Chateau
XL Ultra-G
Huge Goliath Black
Huge Goliath Demi-Amber
XL Ultra-G, Tiger-Tortoise
Buddy Holly XL Eyeglasses Black
XL Ultra-Thick
XL Beat
Tortoise Jazz King
50s Esquivel
Kala Chateau
Saphira Germany XL
XXL Dior Uni-Sex
Kala Chateau