AmberMatic All-Weather Sun Glasses
Bausch & Lomb, Ray-Ban
AmberMatic Adaptive...

Ray-Ban Gold Aviators
(Photo sensitive
B&L Lenses)

Condition: Used / Excellent..
Vintage 70s-80s.  

22k gold filled frames with
3F Impact Resistant, Glass,

Markings:  B&L in both
glass lenses.  B&L in
nose-pads, B&L RAY-BAN
USA on top-bar.  58[]14...

Measures:  5 1/2" across, 2"
high,  Sz. 58-14


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AmberMatic All-Weather Sun Glasses
Make sure they are genuine                sunglasses
SALE ... $189.00
Ambermatic (trademark
Bausch & Lomb) lenses get
darker in response to
increasing light intensity, but
they also get darker in colder
temperatures making them a
natural for snow skiing and
hiking on high mountain trails.
Ambermatics also change color
optimizing color contrast in
specific lighting situations. In
the low light of a cloudy day, the
lenses are a bright amber
similar to the Kalichrome. The
result is color contrast in low
light. On a sunny day, the lenses
turn dark brown which provides
color contrast in bright light.
And in those cold bright temps
of the ski slope, the lenses turn
a dark gray for the ultimate in
eye protection from both direct
and reflected sunlight.