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Mfg.  Shuron Optical, USA

Color:  Briar / Gold.

Measures:  5 5/8" across,
1 7/8" high (size 50-22)
with 5 3/4" matching
New, old optometrist
stock. (Large)

Also available in other
Just ask.

Please measure at home
for a good fit -
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for size questions.

These frames are
Brand New...
Still made today by
the same company
for the last 50 years.

Comes with 1 year
factory warranty.
We ship domestic
& world wide
Tom Hanks

Smaller (size 46-20)

Measures:  5 1/4"
across,  5 3/4"
matching temples.

Add Lenses:
Tinted - Sunglass
Add Lenses:
Clear, Nonprescription,
Plano. Just for Show
Ready For